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Azoomee Rebrand

Azoomee | Macademia

By the time I joined Azoomee in 2019, the brand felt lost with no cohesive look and feel, energy, or aesthetic and it did not communicate what the brand was about.


Over the period of 10 months I was instrumental in steering the branding to a more personality rich vibe that was more suited to our core demographic of young kids with attitude.


This rebrand included overhauling everything from social media, app store imagery, brand decks, iconography and imagery - Putting kids where they belonged, front and centre of the brand. The brand was then brought together for the consumer facing market when I created featured artworks for the App Store.

To compliment this new visaul brand, Azoomee needed a Tone Of Voice document to share with the company and external partners to demonstrate what it is we stand for and how we are changing the world.

Working with the Senior Creative Copywriter, we worked together to bring her words to life and injecting emotion visually that complimented the voice that was being created.