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Da Vinci Kids Originals

Da Vinci | Macademia

For Da Vinci's back-to-school 2021 campaign, we wanted to highlight our original shows and games to kick off the new school year, making learning fun and getting kids ready for a new adventure.


The marketing line was "Da Vinci Unzips..." and from that I had a blast exploring concepts for a key visual, thinking about the excitement of a new school year and my personal experience of getting new pencil cases, new backpacks and personalising my stuff to show off my own unique personality.


From my nostalgic trip down memory lane, I created the concept of having our original characters as mascots accompanying a boy into his new year ahead.


I created this key visual from scratch in Photoshop, only using stock images of a pencil case, a back shot of a boy (sans backpack), and a couple of patches.


With all this drawn out in Photoshop, I packaged it up, wrote animation notes, briefed our freelance animator, and worked with the production team to make it come all come to life.


This campaign consisted of a trailer, social assets, in-app artworks, and external ads in publications such as Content Asia.

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