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FAST Channel Branding

Da Vinci | Macademia

As part of Da Vinci's strategy to launch in a new market, we launched a FAST channel to make our mission “Learn to change the world” more accessible to those who need it.


Launching a FAST channel from scratch meant that we needed to take our newly developed brand image and adapt it for the screen, figuring out how to build motion and establishing a house style.


For this launch I was responsible for storyboarding and designing the Ident, channel bumpers, menus, lower thirds, app sliders and channel bugs.

Timings were tight, starting in June and with a launch date of the end of July, we had to work quickly and collaboratively across teams and time zones to make this work. I worked with and occasionally led audio mixers, animators, producers and schedulers, ensuring all designs adhered to broadcast standards

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