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Kaku Pacha

Self Initiated

Kaku Pacha is my passion project, born from daily mindfulness doodles. A project to help spearhead personal growth and development through storytelling and artistic exploration.

Kaku Pacha is a name made up of various world translations to mean 'Draw Your World', a faithful reflection of my love of world culture and anthropology. 

Narratively focussing on themes of mindfulness and resilience, I am on a journey to take my cast of characters on meaningful adventures across various mediums and spaces.


My current progress sees me exploring how to bring my characters into the 3D world by learning Blender, and building virtual worlds for them to live in with platforms like and Unity.


As someone who always thinks bigger, I couldn’t just stop there. My mission throughout my career has always been to bridge digital and physical worlds, but now I am interested in find the intersection where the two worlds meet, and create in those spaces.


As mindfulness is a core objective of this project, it was important to find appropriate mediums that reflect those intentions. As soon as I found tufting, I knew it would be perfect for creating calm and mindful spaces to relax and channel mindfulness.

My ultimate aim with this project is to discover how all areas work holistically together and create an engaging experience that promotes mindful resilience.

I was lucky enough to reach the UK finals of the Red Bull Doodle Art competition in April 2023, and was selected to attend the Pictoplasma Academy in May 2023 where I stretched my characters potential to their limits.

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