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Kaku Pacha

Self Initiated

Kaku Pacha is my passion project centred around mindfulness, creativity, self development and wellbeing.

Over the span of a year, I have been drawing, collecting and cataloging my daily mindfulness doodles, which have led me to a consistent style and a consistent cast of approximately 20 unique characters.

I have expanded on this by creating a brand around my illustrations, consisting of a suite of logos, colour palette, mission statement, vision, and establishing a tone of voice and vibe.

I am exploring how these characters exist in our world via illustration, tufting and short frame-by-frame animations.

In May 2023 I will be attending the Pictoplasma Academy to further scout out the potential of these characters which I am extremely excited about.

Reigniting playful curiosity, through mindful creativity.

Creating a more balanced world


Be bold. Keep it simple & P•L•A•Y

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