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Pictoplasma Academy

Character Design and storytelling

Pictoplasma is the world's leading platform for character design and art and in 2023 I was selected to attend the Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin - an academy set up to enable a deeper understanding of character design and promote the development of storytelling through characters, led by Rilla Alexander, Nathan Jurevicius and Philip Hunt.


I refined my storytelling skills by applying different narrative structures through beat-boarding and learning how different narrative structures can influence story development.


I also gained a closer relationship with my own characters that I created through my daily drawing practice, building defined character bibles for my characters, learning who they are inside and out, explored them in 3D forms through clay sculptures and uncovering the essence of why my characters exist and what message they are spreading in the world.

This experience was truly invaluable and taught me the value of collaboration, and how when working together, magical things can happen. 

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