As a fan of gothic horror, romanticism and cosmic horror, I embarked on a journey of creating some interesting creep-e-characters. Each illustration having a back story and narrative, but I like to leave people in mystery and suspense and not answer peoples questions about these gothic characters. Instead I encourage people to make up their … Read More

Bike Said Fred

Cycling illustrations Bike Said Fred is a project I created to shine a humorous light onto what can be seen as a elitist sport. In mainstream cycling, there is too much focus on speed, marginal gains and shaving legs and not enough on the joy of the ride and championing just going out to explore. … Read More


The problem As the content streaming king, how can Netflix shout about their latest releases on social? The Idea There would be times when assets were not immediately available. Between me and the Netflix account team we came up with many different fun conceptual ideas to promote various titles. The solution Over the course of … Read More