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Crystal Nunn

Hey there!
I'm Crystal Nunn

Yours Truly

I’m a tenaciously curious creative human with a passion for creating authentic stories that bring people together.

My aim is to bring the tangible human experience to the front of every project to deliver the most enriching solutions that bring smiles and genuine value into peoples lives.

I am an empathetic leader who is experienced in leading projects from initial ideation through to activation. I take great pride in mentoring others, openly sharing my knowledge and helping people blaze their own trail. My ultimate fulfilment comes from connection through stories and through people.


My expertise lies within the realms creative ideation and craft, with a particular interest in character led narratives and experience design. 
I seek to uncover the essence of a brief so that I can build compelling stories that excite and inspire.


It today's digital rich world, it's my mission is to become a bridge between the digital and physical world, offering people memorable and fun experiences that balances an always-on world.

Key Skills

• Idea generation

• Storytelling

• Strategy

• Campaigns

• Branding 

• Illustration

• Digital

• Print

My values

Authenticity • Curiosity • Balance • Play • Resilience

My other side

Creating amazing experiences doesn't stop with the day job. I love to maximise my creativity outside of work and use my passion project Kaku Pacha as a vehicle to learn new skills.


Through Kaku Pacha my goal is to build meaningful work that promotes mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help people navigate liminal spaces and find balance and serenity in the midst of the chaos of our modern lives.

My unwavering curiosity has led me to search for the intersection where physical and digital worlds meet, and bring my character based illustrations to life inside of spaces, through rug-making and exploring the art direction and creation of embodied AI's, collaborative VR spaces and digital twins in the mental-wellbeing space through Unity and chatGPT.


I have also proudly partnered with The School Of Life to offer their value rich products as part of my mission. Upon being accepted as a wholesale partner, The School Of Life commented, calling my story "inspiring".

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