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Hi! I'm

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Crystal Nunn

I’m a tenaciously curious creative human with a passion for creating authentic stories that bring people together.

I leverage a comprehensive skill set from my specialism in Product Design and knowledge of XR, to validated experience in Art Direction, Illustration, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, and Campaign Design. 

My expertise in both B2B and B2C sectors, combined with strategic insight and real-world experience, enables me to create empathy-driven experiences that authentically resonate with real humans. 

My Approach

I am an empathetic leader who is experienced in leading projects from initial ideation through to activation. I take great pride in mentoring others, openly sharing my knowledge and helping people blaze their own trail. My ultimate fulfilment comes from seeing others rise.

It today's digital rich world, it's my mission is to become a bridge between the digital and physical world, offering people memorable and fun experiences that prioritises wellbeing and balances an always-on world.

My Values

Curiosity • Resilience • Play • Balance • Authenticity

Beyond Work

My passion project Kaku Pacha keeps me fresh and on my toes, pushing me forward into the unknown. 

My goal with this project is to share meaningful stories that promote emotional intelligence and the value of rest and nervous system regulation to help people navigate liminal spaces and find balance and serenity amid the chaos of modern life.

It is this project that thrust me into the world of XR, to explore where physical and digital worlds intersect. 

My aim is to mix the art of tufting, the craft of character design, and the innovation of XR to make memorable and disruptive experiences that encourage people to step away from the hustle and bustle and take a moment of mindfulness. 

I am also an authorised wholesaler of The School Of Life with an aim to bring top quality professional resources into my work. Upon being accepted as a wholesale partner, The School Of Life called my story "inspiring".


I am currently open for mentoring slots, general creative chats and collaborations. If you have an idea you want to talk about, let's talk it out. Drop me an email at

Let's Chat!

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